DISK Berlin

DISK Berlin aims to support and promote the production and diffusion of experimental sound art, innovative music and visual arts. Three major issues on the DISK agenda are: Projects and research about the correlation of sound and other forms of art, to foster international exchange between artists, initiatives and organisations, and to support independent, experimental music making that is situated between avant pop music on the one hand and the circles and traditions of academic music on the other hand – serving to neither of their routines, but at the same time deeply invested into both their research and debates.

DISK was a co-founder of Inn.to, a cooperatively run building in the heart of Berlin from 2005-2014 that accomodated artist studios and offices for cultural projects. DISK is the host organisation of General Public, a non-profit project space located on the building's ground floor. until 2014, and nowadays nomadic. DISK is also the organizational body for the CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Rleatd Arts.

The DISK platform was founded in fall 2005 and is jointly operated by the DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton e.V. and by the DISK/CTM GbR.

DISK is a member of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and of the Dach/Musik and ICAS/ECAS networks.