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MUTEK Lab - Tools for an Unknown Future is a 3-day symposium organized by the ICAS/ECAS network and MUTEK from May 28 to May 30, 2012, just before the core activities of the MUTEK festival in Montreal start. Featuring a mix of keynotes, panels, case studies and presentations, the symposium covers the topics defined by ICAS/ECAS as key areas of work for the next couple of years: „Festivals as Laboratories“, „Bridging Cultural Sectors“, „Citizen Innovation“, „Ubiquitous Art and Music“ and more.

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The symposium coincides with the annual ICAS/ECAS partner meeting. ICAS - International Cities for Advanced Sound & Related arts - is a network of likeminded independent festivals around the globe that works to foster collaboration and exchange within arts and music. The European branch ECAS is supported by the European Commission of Culture. DISK e.V. currently is the main organizer of the European network.