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<b>REVIEW: CTM 2014 - DIS CONTINUITY<br /></b>

The 15th anniversary edition of CTM took place from 24 January – 2 February 2014 in various Berlin venues including HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Berghain, Stattbad, West Germany, Where is Jesus? Temporary Space, and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien.

Entitled Dis Continuity, CTM 2014 focused on hidden connections between past and present musical experimentation by fostering dialogue between musical pioneers whose ideas and discoveries continue to influence how we create and experience music today, and a rising young generation of artists. Adopting a less hierarchical approach, Dis Continuity reconstructed and re-imagined select threads of experimental and electronic music history. Thus it illuminated and contributed to a gradual evolution towards an increasingly open and dynamic concept of music that transgresses the barriers between scientific research, art, pop, academic culture, and various forms of artistic practice.

Widespread access to archival materials currently sparks new, creative ways of interacting with the past that challenge concepts of history and how it is transmitted. The 10-day CTM 2014 festival could at best only begin to convey an idea of how we can play with and (re)shape the ways that individual and collectives stories and ideas can be relayed.

Over 200 artists and professionals from 33 different countries contributed to over 180 performances and projects that made up the CTM 2014 programme, which also included an 8-day Transfer programme that encompassed the Discourse series of artist talks and film screenings, a collaborative MusicMaker’s Hacklab for music technology, contributions from Universities via performances and an Education Networking Day. The 15th edition featured several premieres of commissioned works, either through CTM’s new Berlin Current programme or through the CTM 2014 Radio Lab. This edition also hosted an installation and exhibition, both of which ran long past the festival.

As always, the CTM festival was held in parallel to and in collaboration with transmediale – festival for art and digital culture which took place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The weekend before the festivals, CTM and transmediale’s P2P Vorspiel.

Festival documentation of the festival can be found via the CTM 2014 Press Review, the CTM 2014 Flickr Gallery, and through a collection of audio exceprts, videos, and photos posted by collaborators and friends.