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DISK e.V. supports Hardwax in organizing its Waxtreatment Africa Special, that takes place at Gretchen Club during Berlin's Carnival of Cultures on 26/27 May 2012. Featured artists will be Mark Ernestus with Jeri-Jeri, Shed, Analog Africa Soundsystem, Friedman & Liebezeit, Shakleton, Mark Ainly, Applebim, MMM and many others.

"Every sound you hear is the drum of an African beat," stated the reggae band Wailing Souls. This is true today more than ever. For all club music whether in Europe, the USA, Japan or Oceania has fragments of African DNA deeply inscribed in its genetic material. But what happens if we try to connect the descendants with their ancestors and cousins from the African mother country of repetitive beats?

The Wax Treatment Africa Special, brings this family – old and young – together for two days on a dance floor, talking, eating and dancing together. DJs and live acts old and new interlace fresh beats from African countries with the club culture of the West - Roots and Wire. Featuring interview panels with musicians and label makers, activists and leaders discussing their work. Films, record sales, West African and Caribbean food. An evocation of the ancestors, equipped with the deadliest beats in the current club scene.