DISK Sessions
Audio and AV performances series

The DISK Sessions are an ongoing but loose series of performances and presentations for a small audience. The series presents the work of artists who explore experimental sound and music, and the  the relation of sound and image. It is a format to present material and projects in progress and to encourage a direct and personal communication between artist/presenter and audience.

The DISK-Sessions-series is ususally presented at the General Public project space in Berlin. Past DISK Sessions have featured amongst others: Ultra-red, Pure, Klimek, Eran Sachs, Christopher Willits, Jamie Drouin, Derek Holzer, Anne Wellmer, O.Blaat, Marc Weiser, Antistrot, Erich Berger, HC Gilje, Andrey Kirichenko, Kotra, Florian Kmet, Jan Jelinek, Masayoshi Fujita, Frank Bretschneider, Mimicof.