Gästeliste +1
Exhibition on Berlin club culture

For the 2006 edition of the CTM Festival, DISK produced the exhibition "Gästeliste + 1" at the project space General Public: photos of Berlin’s music scene by Martin Eberle, Marco Microbi and Remco Schuurbiers. The exhibition was complemented by an archive-station where visitors could access audio and video documents of the last 6 editions of the CTM Festival and browse through books about Berlin's club culture. The mobile camera installation, Dokumat 500 by Niklas Roy randomly sampled the exhibition space and some of the festival nights. 

Exhibition text:
Being on the guest-list – blagging it – supposedly guarantees access to a special, exclusive experience in club-land. It’s therefore a highly desirable symbol of distinction that endows the chosen few with insider kudos, even in a club scene whose door policies are not radically exclusionary. For the artists in this exhibition being on the guest-list is also a prerequisite for their artwork, particularly if it assures them entry into that holy-of-holies, the backstage. Eberle, Microbi and Schuurbiers’s work shows the hidden aspects of the Berlin club scene. Eberle photographs artists – animated, irritated or relaxed – just after their performance, or the venue itself, deserted once the guests have left. Marco Microbi focuses on the performers in action and their technical accoutrements. Remco Schuurbiers creates still-lifes of shortfalls, or the abandoned remnants and absurdities of club-life: left-over catering, someone asleep amongst a pile of empties, storage spaces crammed with everything that’s hastily stashed out of sight minutes before the doors open on a new event. Characteristic takes on the Berlin club landscape, for all three artists have been molded by the very scene they document. Niklas Roy, in contrast, offers a de-personalized look at club-life. The eye of his robotic camera installation, Dokumat 500, is a sensory device that tracks movement in its vicinity and produces chance shots automatically.

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