General Public
Project space

General Public is an independent project space located in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in the same building as the DISK offices. It is run by a group of cultural workers (visual artists, curators, among others) based in Berlin and hosted by DISK. General Public was founded in fall 2005 and since produced a large number of exhibitions, artist presentations, discussions, film screenings, and performances, many of those in collaboration with other organisations and individuals. Additional to its own programme General Public occasionally serves as a host for related external activities and projects.

General Public aims to install and uphold a collaborative, process-related, informal platform for open thought, information exchange, spatial experiments, transdisciplinary approach and the reflection on contemporary visual and auditive culture. Allthough operating within an international network, General Public's activities are always informed by and related to its local context and situation. Far from eyeing out individuals and the market's usual taxations, direct involvement in contemporary creation and discourse on the level of production  – paradoxically – ensures critical distance to take positions within what is going on around us culturally and socially.

Extended information on General Public, the current and past programme can be found on the project space's website.

General Public is a member of the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -Initiativen.

In December 2012 General Public was amongst the seven Berlin project spaces to be awarded the first Berlin award for art project spaces.