International and European festival network

DISK with its festival CTM is a founding member of the ICAS and ECAS networks.

ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound – is a global network for of independent not for profit organizations dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music and related arts. In total, more than 30 organisations and festivals on 5 continents joined forces to (co-)create projects and foster discourse, and thereby promote artistic development at the interface of music, art, technology and society. All members of ICAS have spent years crafting unique festivals and events, each with its own identity grounded in strong local connections and context.

ICAS serves as an interface to intensify dialogue between its members and the decision makers in cultural, political and economic fields. The network meetings also serve to increase public awareness concerning the issues addressed by ICAS and its member organizations.

Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future is the title of a five-year project initiative dedicated to exploring diverse aspects of the future of musical culture, its social role and repercussions, which was launched by the European strand in the network ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound, with funding from the European Commission’s Culture Programme.

What is the status quo, which tools are of use in independent cultural production, which measures can be taken to promote self-empowerment, what have we learned to date, what should we leave behind, and what must we take with us into the future? These are only a few of the questions that the initiative seeks to pose – and possibly answer – by commissioning artistic work, convening interdisciplinary symposia, organising network encounters and workshops, and underscoring the lot with the latest in experimental music.

› CTM - Berlin [DE]
› Communikey - Boulder [US]
› CynetArt Festival - Dresden [DE]
› Decibel Festival - Seattle [US]
› Dis-Patch Festival - Belgrade [BG]
› Festival Pomladi - Ljubljana [LJ]
› Full Pull - Mälmo [SE]
› FutureEverything - Manchester [UK]
› Insomnia Festival - Tromsø [NO]
› Les Siestes Electroniques - Toulouse [FR]
› Musikprotokoll - Graz [AT]
› MUTEK - Montréal [CA]
› MUTEK MX - Mexico City [MEX]
› MUTEK CL - Santiago [CL]
› MUTEK AR - Buenos Aires [ARG]
› New Forms Festival - Vancouver [CA]
› Numusic - Stavanger [NO]
› Recombinant Media Labs - San Francisco [US]
› RIAM Festival - Marseille [FR]
› Rokolectiv Festival - Bucharest [RO]
› Room40
- Brisbane [AU]
› Skanu Mezs
- Riga [EST]
› Sperm Festival - Prague [CZ]
› TodaysArt - The Hague [NL]
› TodaysArt - Brussels [BE]
› Unsound - Krakow [PL]