Life Without Weekend
Work in progress / exhibition

When the Amsterdam based project space P//////AKT offered the DISK organisers Remco Schuurbiers, Jan Rohlf and Oliver Baurhenn the option to conceptualize and realize a show, the question What, How and for Whom was of course inherent. Likewise the question how to enable to stay in Amsterdam for four weeks and to entirely focus on this one project without loosing track with the plenitude of projects already in the making.

Instead of curating an exhibition in the usual sense, we agreed on a test arrangement: three desks, three individuals, three nodes, four intersections. We decided to de- and re-contextualize the fabric made from our daily work, our projects, network and habits that embraces us, and simply drag and stretch it all along to Amsterdam. Recreating our workspace at P/////AKT thus became the starting point for paradoxical activity: the continuation of ongoing processes and a disrupt in the fabric the same time.
At P/////AKT two guiding motifs were in the foreground and mutually challenged each other: On the one hand "Life Without Weekend" was conceived as a work in progress in the form of a public open platform, with cooperation, spontaneity, discussion and involvement of social processes as key elements. On the other hand we attempt to integrate each of our individual positions in the form of work presentations or „exhibitions“, that otherwise only partially inform our collective projects. The basis of the intervention at P/////AKT was provided by our personal notion of “work”: to act process-oriented within a social structure. This demands to throw the distinct disjunction of work and private life over board – in favour of a life without weekend.
Remco Schuurbiers, Jan Rohlf, Oliver Baurhenn, Birgit Glatzel, Florintintin & Antistrot, Nathalie Bruys, Byungjun Kwon & Hee-Seung Choi, Volker Morave (////fur//////////), Onno Poiesz, Marc Weiser, Autokolor.