Project 1051
Cultural education project with young adults from Berlin and Paris
Batofar, Sophiensaele, Maria am Ostbahnhof, September and October 2010

Since its opening in February 1999, the cultural centre Batofar in Paris considered the European dimension of its agenda one of its biggest priorities. The activities of Batofar imagine new forms of international citizenship in an everyday practise. 
With the focus on Paris and Berlin, the initiative Project 1051 – A European Creation Of Hip Hop Music And Visual Arts, realised in collaboration with DISK Berlin and Sophiensaele, brought together Parisian musicians La Caution and Berlin video art collective Transforma to create a multidisciplinary work of art, which wants to raise questions about European identity and the City as a concept. 

Refering to the amount of road kilometers between the two cities, the project was called 'Project 1051'. The collective work of La Caution/Transforma was conceived, created and presented both in Paris and Berlin between June and October 2010. The process included a series of actions to address the local audiences such as workshops, club nights and meetings.

At the core of the project were two short movies, created by Parisian and Berlin youth, based on their vision of their city, the major feelings the city inspired them with (density and solitude, loneliness, multicultural influences, stress, urban arts …) led them to shoot and record sequences that they edited with the help of Transforma and La Caution.

The program was complemented by a club night with Berlin and Parisan artists La Caution, Débruit, Ill Till, Phon.o, Superclub and MFO.

The project was lead by Le Batofar, in collaboration with Eclairages, DISK Berlin and Sophiensaele. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, European Cultural Foundation, Culturfrance, Ministère de la culture et de la communication, DICRéAM and Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk. With the friendly support of ParisBerlin.

Watch a video excerpt on Vimeo.