Pryjazn - Freundschaft
German - Polish music and art exchange

Within the 2005 edition of the Unsound festival in Krakow, DISK in collaboration with Unsound presented a programme with collaboration projects between polish and german artists. The artists were linked by a shared artistic interest and by personal friendship. Next to music performances, the programme featured workshops, video screenings and an exhibition with works by visual artists exploring concepts to visualize music.

Music collaborations :
Slepcy (PL) & Pure (DE/AT) & Genetic Transmission (PL)
Felix Kubin (DE) & Wojt3k Kucharzyk (PL)
Deuce (PL) & Guenter Reznicek (DE)
Column One (DE) & Wojzec Czern (PL)
Workshops & exhibition
Holger Lippmann (DE), Jan Rohlf (DE), visomat Inc. (DE), Miko Mikona (DE)
Supported by Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation.