Unpredictable Encounters
Cultural exchange project with commissioned works and exhibition

Two parted project that begun with collaboration projects between polish and german artists during the 2007 edition of the Unsound festival in Krakow, and was continued during the year to culminate in an exhibition with the 2008 edition of the CTM Festival in Berlin.

The project was based on the idea to benefit from contingency and the unforeseen to envision fresh aesthetic encounters in the realm of arts. Intending the unpredictable here worked as a paradoxical method to influence the dynamics of creative situations. The partial loss of artistic control in favour of coincidence and open systems was a trial, in the territory between the opposing poles of order and disorder, to find other ways and instruments of cultural, personal and artistic border crossings.

Graw Boeckler (Raum Fuer Projektion, DE), Robert Piotrowicz and Anna Zaradny (PL), Niklas Roy (DE), Wojtek Kucharczyk (PL), Rodrigo Derteano (DE/PE), and Wojtek Kosma (PL).
The project was a cooperation between Unsound and DISK with the friendly support of the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, the Polish Cultural Institute Berlin, the Goethe Institute Krakow and satis&fy AG Germany.

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